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GVA Hair tapes are neat. Them doesn't lose hair on brushing. With careful use, our tape-ins would stand up to 6-7 corrections. You can use our hair for more than a year..

Information about Tapes extension

GVA real hair extensions can approach you to this dream. If you want in one hour to turn into the lucky owner of awesome hair, then Tape-ins are for you. You can buy 100 % European tape in hair extension here and stay calm as you’ve chosen the best quality hair for sure. We reinforced a tape base with a wig net. It is the unique patent of our company. That is why our tapes are durable and neat. We use the same color for the tape base. It makes our products absolutely discreet. It means your new curls will look perfectly natural. Among different types of extensions such as sew-ins, micro link, hot fusion, tape-ins is the most time-saving procedure. The technique is very easy. The stylist sticks strands parting of the protective film. Your hair should be washed very properly without any balms. So the tapes will be fixed more tightly.


Tape hair extensions pros and cons

+ head preparation and the procedure itself takes 40-50 minutes;

 + extension service life with good keep up is more than 420 days;

 + complete invisibility of adhesive bonding, resulting your look is absolutely natural; 

 + live strands are not injured, keep growing and stay healthy, heat temperatures are not used ;

 + quick removal in any salon; 

 + visiting sauna, spa, gym, because of water and high-temperature resistance;

- very gentle combing only with a special professional brush; 

 - washing without using any balms; 

 - tape attachment points can be slightly visible in case high hairstyles; 

 - correction must be done every 4-8 weeks;

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