Heat digital hair extension machine ZOHAIR.
Heat digital hair extension machine ZOHAIR.
Heat digital hair extension machine ZOHAIR.

Heat digital hair extension machine ZOHAIR

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Heat digital hair extensioning machines are very conscious when they are used/ Listed below which are essential for the safe use.

  1. Do not use device if it is damaged or malfunctions.
  2. Do not use the device for any purposes other than its intended use.
  3. KEEP AWAY FROM WATER. Do not use while bathing. If the device falls into the water, unplug them immediately.
  4. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Children shouldn’t be allowed to use or play with the appliance. Store the appliance out of reach of children.
  5. Always turn the power off and remove and remove the plug from power outlet after use and before cleaning.
  6. Do not use the device near combustible gases, or other flammable material over or under the device.
  7. Do not open the housing of the device to check anything inside. Repair Job should only be done by authorized representatives ot out manufactory or our agency only.

Advantages of the digital Heat hair extensioning machines in contrast of heating extensioning irons:


Heating one

1 Fast Use

Take several minutes to heat up (120 centigrade)

2 Safer

Special care should be taken to avoid scorching

3 Non-stick

Less keratin left on the tip & easier to clean after used

4 Easier To Use

Training is needed before operation
Ready for use as soon as switched on. Easy to operate even for the beginners

5 Hi-Tech

Heat melting means usual tech

6 Healthier

Heat harms hair

7 Wide Use range

Suitable for all types of hair extension systems

8 Dual Voltage

Universal voltage for both 110V and 220V voltage system

9 Digital

LED digital display



Rated Voltage:

AC 100V-240V




0.7A     110V
0.35A   220V

Box Dimension:

31*28*8 CM

Ultrasonic Time:

2-5 Seconds

Power Cord.:

2.0M   2X0.75mm2



Pliers Cord.:

2.2M   2X0.75mm2


How to use:

  1. Place the machine on flat surface. Connect the Plug with power supply.
  2. Press the on/off button. When a beep is heard, the LED starts to display the information, including the slogan, working time setting, etc.
  3. Pressing + and – buttons and select the desired working time for the Heat.
  4. Select a wisp of hair, wrap the hair with the keratin of the hair extension.
  5. Pinch the glue by pliers of the Heat hair extensioning machine. When a beep sound is heard, the machine starts working. For example, if it is set to work every 3 seconds, when the pliers are clenched and the ultrasonic starts with a sound of beep, you can observe that the LED starts to count down. It stops automatically also with a beep when the LED counts down to 0 second.
  6. To go on working with the Heat, it is necessary to let the pliers open and clench it close again for another 3 seconds work.
  7. The default time setting of the digital Heat hair extensioning machines is 3 seconds, if another value is needed, press + or – buttons to set it.
  8. When the job is done, press the on/off button to switch off the machine. Don’t forget to take the plug off the power socket and store the device properly.



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