How to choose a salon for extension?

Find a salon with a good specialist in hair extensions is not easy. Unscrupulous "masters" are trying to attract customers by setting low prices for hair and many customers are led to such a bait. Remember, good quality hair can't be cheap!
Portfolio is the most important indicator. After taking a look at the master's work, you'll immediately understand whether you want him to work with your hair or not. The work on the photo should have 1 background (if the hairdresser only works in the salon), otherwise you may think that they were stolen from the Internet.
Consultation - even if you like the work on the photo, do not rush to sign up for the procedure. You should be informed about all the stages of the procedure and peculiarities of hair care before you sit in the chair.
Time of procedure and method of hair extension. Hair extensions should not take more than 2 - 3 hours, and the correction - more than 4-5, depending on the degree of tangling of the strands. If the master voiced other figures - most likely he is a novice with little experience. It is up to you to decide whether to go to such a master or not.
And of course, the GVAhair team recommends to pay attention to the positive reviews on the Internet. The reviews are an excellent argument for choosing the right master! And with our special conditions, which will help you in choosing a salon, you can read the link in the description.

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