Explanation of Terms: Hair Extension Repair, Hair Tightening, etc.

Hair extension repair and hair tightening are procedures related to hair care and improvement. Let's delve into each of these terms in more detail.

Hair extension repair is a procedure performed on hair that has been extended or lengthened using various methods such as capsule extensions, tape-ins, glue, or other techniques. During the wear of hair extensions, they may be subject to various forms of damage, such as breakage, split ends, loss of shine, etc. Hair extension repair involves a series of procedures aimed at restoring and improving the condition of the hair extensions. This may include trimming split ends, replacing damaged strands, reinforcing the attachment of the extensions, and using specialized hair care products.

Hair tightening is a procedure performed on natural hair to enhance its appearance and condition. Over time, natural hair can become weak, dull, prone to breakage, and lose its natural elasticity. Hair tightening involves a range of methods and procedures aimed at strengthening and improving the condition of natural hair. This may include using specialized shampoos, conditioners, and masks to restore hair structure, scalp massages to stimulate hair growth, as well as treatments such as hair lamination, keratin straightening, and others that enhance the appearance and condition of the hair.

Capsule hair extensions are one method of hair extensions that involve attaching artificial hair strands to natural hair using specialized capsules. The capsules are usually made of keratin or other materials that gently melt and adhere to the natural hair using a special tool. This method provides long-term hair extensions that can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the care and quality of the materials used.

Hair lamination is a procedure performed on natural hair to give it shine, strength, and protection. During the lamination process, a special protective film or treatment is applied to the hair, filling in micro-cracks and providing smoothness and shine. Hair lamination also protects the hair from external factors such as UV rays, chemicals, and environmental damage. This procedure can be particularly beneficial for damaged, dry, or dull hair.

Keratin hair straightening is a procedure performed on natural hair to smooth its structure and give it a straight appearance. During keratin straightening, a special treatment containing keratin is applied to the hair. Keratin penetrates the hair structure, fills its gaps, and allows it to become smoother and straighter. Keratin straightening also helps tame unruly hair, reduces frizz, and facilitates hair styling.

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