GVA hair Ponytail extensions is the best quality

You can use our hair more than a year

Ultra thin and strong hair

Only natural donor hair

Super soft, smooth and silky quality

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Free delivery and Free return within 30 days

*Custom orders we will bring from our factory in Russia for FREE. Usually, custom delivery takes 2-3 weeks.


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Information about Ponytail extension

Ponytail human hair extensions

  For everyone who could not say that his hair is a “gift from heaven,” there is a wonderful chance to change this unforgivable mistake J. Have you ever know about a human hair ponytail with the help of them you can make an ideal tail and other exciting hairstyles. It is easy to do, and the result is runway worthy. Being an expert on the real extension market, GVA recommended itself among the customers. Our clients trust us their beauty, and we are glad to make their dreams come true. Our products are made of 100 % natural hair from Russian Federation. Fabulous GVA strands are famous for their silky structure, attractiveness, and obedience. This kind of curls is the most valuable among other ones. That is why GVA ponytail looks really shiny and gorgeous.

100% human hair ponytail is so trendy and fashionable today

  Do you remember Ariana Grande and her signature tail? She is so awesome and due to her hairstyle become an iconic “ponytail girl” ever. Dear, ladies, all of this will fits you too. Light or super wavy, blonde or rainbow, whatever you like can be available for you now. You can curl our tail or straighten it. Make plenty of different stylings, and you will look romantic and neat. We use only russian hair, which guarantees that tips will be thick and the structure is smooth and excellent.

GVA ponytail uniqueness:

-put on clips for 30 seconds and be awesome;

-you can use our ponytail for more than three years;

-a package of ponytail hairs contains a kit of hair-locks;

-when the top part of the Simlik is attached to the customer's head, the bottom one fits perfectly to the lower occipital area;

-the model provides a uniform distribution of additional hair volume, so the strands look natural and well-balanced;

-our strands won't tangle;

-We will manufacture ponytail especially for you and deliver it in 2-3 weeks from Russia for free;

  If you are looking for human hair for sale in the USA - choose the best, choose GVA hair

  Russian curls are famous for their beauty, obedience and always attractive look because of the silky structure. With us, you can buy them online in some clicks. Do not hesitate and contact us anyway you like. We will be glad to advise any questions you have. We will help you to choose the right color and the size, extension method or the special sale offer for our favorite customers. Free delivery and free refund within 30 days. Be on top with GVA hair extensions!