GVA hair Wefts extensions is the best quality

You can use our hair more than a year

Ultra thin and strong hair

Only natural donor hair

Super soft, smooth and silky quality

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Free delivery and Free return within 30 days

*Custom orders we will bring from our factory in Russia for FREE. Usually, custom delivery takes 2-3 weeks.


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Information about Wefts extension

Weft hair extensions

  When you think about Hollywood what do you imagine yourself? Red carpet, charming smiles, and ideal shiny curls. To look perfectly, celebrities have a lot of secrets and tricks, one of them is hair extension. To increase the length and the volume is possible with weft hair extension. Exactly from Hollywood, it came to us. Trying to be gorgeous divas are under the necessity to change their images very often. Otherwise, they risk being out of trend. That is why stylists create a new super effective skin weft hair extensions technique. It is also called Sew- in extension or Hollywood. Now it is hard to imagine any Oscar or Met Gala without lush long curls covering open-back dresses. All of this is possible due to real hair extensions that are silky and shine bright like diamonds under the soffits lights. GVA suggests the premium quality extensions worthy red carpet. We sell only human hair from one donor for the golden line and different donors for the silver line. Sew-ins can easily turn you into a queen of glamour with no harm to your natural strands.

How it all works

  Technique Hollywood extension is very simple: you are weaved braids-spikelet only horizontally and tresses sew in right on them. A natural strand is taken that is identical in size to the donor one. It is braided into a 1 cm long pigtail. The process of weaving prevents the tangling of hairs during regrowth. A human hair weft is woven into a pigtail, and the compound is fixed with a special thermal thread. It is because of its composition that hair can be dyed, twisted and straightened without fear. For removal, you only need to carefully cut the thread and straighten the strands from the braid.

GVA 100% human hair extensions are the best choice for today

-   you can use our wefts more than one year;

-   2 packs 50g tresses thread are approx. 50-80cm width;

-   our russian hair won't tangle;

-   the natural protective cuticle layer guarantees smooth and shiny;

-   tresses are made from donor hair cuts;

-   the careful manual treatment of each tress keeps all the natural qualities of the hair intact;

Especially for you

-   we will manufacture human hair extension weft and deliver it in 2-3 weeks from Russia for free;

-   we offer tresses in a 100g packs. Such a package offers hairdresser an additional space for creativity;

-   we are suggesting the most popular handmade wefts. Our experts with jewelry neatness carry out their job so the place where the weft is woven remains very thin. It means the chances to notice extension, are reduced to zero;

GVA says yes to your new Hollywood hairstyle

  If you are looking for human hair for sale then please welcome! Russian hair is famous for its beauty, obedience and always attractive look because of the silky structure. It is premium quality, and with us, it is available in the USA too. We can suggest a sale price as we have our own factory in Russian Federation. Buy online in some clicks or contact us for any consulting you need. Free delivery and free refund within 30 days. Be on top with GVA hair extensions.