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You can use our hair more than a year

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Micro link hair extensions

  If you have already decided that in several days you will amaze friends with new infinitely long and lush curls then pay attention to microlink extensions. Micro ring or micro bead is the smallest and most undetectable non-glue extensions technique available, which combines the strands of natural curl with the extension strand using tiny tubes. Just imagine how many opportunities you will get having new luxurious curls, how many different hairstyles you can do now with microlink. Trust your look to GVA as we really know how to make your chevelure absolutely attractive and impressive.

How it works:

  Once the micro bead is placed on the strand of the hair, the extension strand is inserted into the micro bead and gets closed flat with special pliers. It’s a glue-free, mess-free application process which is relatively quick and most importantly very safe and non-damaging for your natural curls. If extensions are applied correctly (clean sectioning and even weight distribution), micro loop extensions allow a client's natural curls to grow healthily under. Is not it exactly what we all, ladies, need! To have beautiful curls and do not damage your health -is a dream of every woman. Now it is possible and easy to do. If you want the stunning result do not trick yourself with the quality. GVA suggests only high-quality products. Real hair extensions from real donors, with no chemistry applying.

GVA 100% human hair extensions are the premium product

  We sell only russian hair. Our originality is your benefit. And here are the reasons why GVA microlink hair is the most valuable and belongs to the category of premium quality:

  1. we use strands only with their natural protective cuticle layer intact. That guarantees smoothness and shine;
  2. the structure is smooth, the look is silky and shiny. Strands are obedient and save the attractiveness for a long time and won't tangle;
  3. we have various colors and shades palette;
  4. each cut has a unique texture. Hair is soft, hair tips are tight, no undercoat;
  5. you can use our hair for up to one year, and even longer;
  6. on the dark and medium-colored hairs capsules base is the same color as the hair. That makes GVA capsules discreet;
  7. micro link hair extension cost will delight you;

GVA hair is the best buy choice for today

If you are looking for human hair for sale then please welcome! Russian hair is famous for its beauty, obedience and always attractive look because of the silky structure. It is premium quality, and with us, it is available in the USA too. We can suggest a sale price as we have our own factory in Russian Federation. Buy online in some clicks or contact us for any consulting you need. Free delivery and free refund within 30 days. Be on top with GVA hair extensions.