how to match hair extensions online?

Hair extensions come in all sorts of colours, materials and lengths and buying them without physically seeing them may seem daunting. Besides, your hair makes a big impact  on how you look so we understand  just how important it is to you. That’s why today, we are arming you with the knowledge you need to know for when you are buying hair extensions online and how to make the right choice. You can buy great human hair extensions that offer you the same quality or even better quality hair than some salons online. The key to successful hair extensions buying is knowing what to look for and know where to find the best quality hair available.


Step 1: Know the material you are buying

When it comes to hair extensions; there are two types; human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions are made with only human hair, while with synthetic hair uses synthetic materials such as animal hair and plastic.


You will be able to wash, dye or use heat tools on human hair extensions as you would with your own natural hair. The extensions behave exactly like your own hair, blending in superbly with yours, as with synthetic hair extensions will not be able offer you a natural looking blend with your own hair.You can often see the difference between synthetic hair and human hair extensions. 

Step 2: Know the length and weight you want

Hair extensions are renowned for their ability to add volume and length to hair. However, it is a bit more difficult to blend your hair extensions and find a perfect match when you’re not sure which hair will blend well with your hair and texture.You can easily blend long hair extensions to mid-length hair, however if you have short hair it can be a little tricky. We recommend getting extensions for short hair if your natural hair is at least three to five inches long so it’s easier to blend it into your natural hair for a seamless look. For a natural finish, it is best to mix lengths for layers, to help to balance shorter lengths with longer lengths so your overall look won’t appear uneven. 


Step 3: Get the right colour match

When searching for a colour match, always use the mid to end lengths of your own locks; never try to match with the roots. This is brand new hair and it naturally lightens as it ages, so you’ll end up with two conflicting shades. To get the best colour match, send us a pfoto of your hair in direct instagram!The one thing to remember is that you should never look for a hair colour match using the tone of your natural roots. This hair is the newest on your body, so it hasn’t naturally lightened yet like the rest.If you buy your hair extensions according to this tone, you will end up with a product that is too dark. Plus, good hair extensions are designed to fit beneath natural hair, so the colour of your roots doesn’t have to be a perfect match.You don’t necessarily have to dive straight into a full head of extensions, particularly if you’re new to it all. You can pick up a pre-styled ponytail, a clip in fringe, or even a set of clip in highlights. You can wear one clip in extension or two; the choice is yours to make. This type of hair accessory is valuable, because it allows a person to completely change their look without having to commit to a permanent and drastic haircut.

Did you just do a big chop or do you have naturally short hair and wonder if you can make clip-in extensions for natural hair work? We got 5 hacks for you so that you can rock natural hair clip-ins, even if you have fairly short natural hair.


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