Myozaki Sevakai 6''.
Myozaki Sevakai 6''.
Myozaki Sevakai 6''.
Myozaki Sevakai 6''.
Myozaki Sevakai 6''.
Myozaki Sevakai 6''.
Myozaki Sevakai 6''.
Myozaki Sevakai 6''.

Myozaki Sevakai 6''

Regular price $667.50


Myozaki draws his identity in the ancestral experience of Japanese Blacksmiths.

Each of our models is the result of an uncompromising search for the best possible materials and shaping.

The alloy of the best steel ensures optimum edge while ensuring unmatched durability.

Shaping made completely by hand is a supreme guarantee of quality and ensures the Exclusivity of each pair.


  • Size 6´´
  • Hitachi Steel
  • Blade bevel
  • Ideal for slicing
  • Twisted rings



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