Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE.
Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE.
Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE.
Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE.
Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE.
Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE.
Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE.

Clips 2 part Colors DARK OMBRE

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Clip-on hair locks or a ponytail could make you image over and create a swell hair style in a just 10 minutes.

That's a great product for party monsters and socialites who have no spare time for hair treatments.

GVAhair factory producing several types of clip-on hair. You can always find the one just for you. Every type is universal and could be attached to the head of any size. Our clip-ons are made of high quality hair and are easy to attach.

Information on Clips:

A package of clip-on hairs contains a kit of hair-locks.

*  Each lock made of 3-4 double weft tresses tightly sewn on a braid with 2 to 3 clips with silicone pads.

The edge of each lock is slimmed for a comfortable clipping and wear. The edges are not  bending and are invisible under the hair. There is no hair lose on brushing. Contains of each kit is universal and suitable for head of any size.

We're offering 2-part kits as well as Simlik.

Each kit contains two 50g hair-locks of a different width: 1×26cm and 1×22cm.

* Each lock made of 3-4 double weft tresses tightly sewn.

Simlik is a patented two-part 100g clip-on hair-lock. Parts of this extension are jointed with a silicone braid.

* When the top part of the Simlik is attached to customer's head, the bottom one fits perfectly to the lower occipital area.

The model offers a uniform distribution of additional hair volume, so the hair looks natural and well-balanced.



straight | natural wave | wave

* By default, we're shipping straight hair. If you need a “natural wave” or “wave” hair, please write down the type you want in the comments section of your order.




You can choose a delivery type on the checkout order. 

We're working with USPS, DHL and UPS  so you will always have a tracking number. You'll get a message contains your order details, tracking number and the date of delivery.

You can choose free delivery the standard US delivery which takes 2-3 days or an express next-day delivery.

Over 95% of our orders shipped on the same day.

Our manager will promptly contact you if the product appears to be out of stock to discuss estimate making and delivery time and to offer you an alternative product. 

* If there is no ordered hair length in stock, we usually ship the more extended cut for the same price.

* Your package is secured with a USPS, DHL and UPS loss insurance.



We accept returns in 30 days.

We refund in full regardless of the reason for return.

To return you should write a message to +1 (305) 510 1345 and we'll send you a bar code for a returning package.

We are paying all return fees. You need to print out a bar code and attach it to the returning package.

On return: The product must be packed, must have a bar code tag and must be unused.

Your money will be automatically refunded 2-3 days after we receive a package and check the product.

We manufacture our products at our factory in Europe. That's why we can guarantee its highest quality.