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We're using quality infusible keratin for our capsules. They are handmade, which guarantees that every hair will stay intact.

Information about Hot Fusion extension

Dear ladies, please welcome the most long-lasting traditional hot hair extension. It came to us from sunny Italy especially for you to create a new fashionable passion look of your hair. It is also called a flat tip extension and is based on Italian keratin. We use wonderful keratin from Italy, which never drops from your strands or spoils them. Despite the fact that natural curls are exposed to high temperatures, Italian technology is considered one of the safest. The thing is, keratin is a protein that is found in native hair, so it is similar to relative protein and does not do any harm. If you are already excited about a hot fusion hair extension, now is turn to find the hair for you. There is no room for doubt that GVA hair is the best choice for you, as we suggest only real hair extensions from real donors. It means you buy hair as if you were born with them.


Our hot fusions hair extension advantages:

- you can use our strands for more than a year; 

 - we do not applying any chemicals to change the texture or softness. So the natural protective cuticle layer guarantee hair to be smooth and shiny; 

 - on the dark and medium-colored curls capsules base is the same color as the hair. That makes our capsules discreet; 

 - we sell only the best quality European hair. They are very neat, silky, and will not tangle; 

 - we use only the best Italian keratin;

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