how to wash clip in hair extensions?

Now that you are a proud owner of your very own set of GVA Hair extensions, it is important to care for them properly to ensure they remain looking luscious, smooth, and shiny. 

Step 1: Brush your extensions

The first and quite possibly one of the most important steps is to brush your extensions out before getting them wet. This helps minimize the possibility of tangling during and after you have washed the hair. 

Step 2: Prepare your sink

Ensure your sink is squeaky clean, plug the drain and begin to fill it up with luke warm water - we don’t want the water to be too hot or too cold. 

Step 3: Shampoo each weft

We highly recommend applying a moisturizing sulfate-free and alcohol-free conditioner before and after shampooing. Sometimes, even skip the shampoo and only co-wash your extensions with conditioner! 

Step 4: Condition each weft

Step 5: Apply a deep conditioner or hair mask

Step 6: Air dry your extensions

We highly recommend air-drying your extensions whenever possible. When air drying, be sure to invest in a micro-fibre towel as it will remove excess water faster Step 8: Comb each weft

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