how to put in clip in hair extensions?

  1. Preparing your natural hair for application is one of the most important tips for seamless results and will help to ensure your extensions are undetectable! This includes blow drying your hair for some max volume, and straightening the ends for no obvious lines or kinks between your natural hair and your extensions.
  2. Start at the bottom of your head at the nape area, segment a section of your hair and use sectioning clips avaliable here to neatly part the hair & clip out of the way. Some like to back-comb before applying the extensions, however this is not necessary as GVAhair clips are silicon backed for extra grip and protection for your hair.
  3. Continue this method, sectioning your hair about 1 inch above the last.
  4. Apply your 2 clip & 1 clip pieces on either side of your head, with the 2 clips to be placed on either side of your head and the individual clip pieces to be placed at the front to balance out any layers you have in your natural hair.
  5. Style to suit! Remember to use heat styling tools on low to medium settings & always use a heat protectant prior to straightening or curling. You can also trim and layer your new GVAhair  extensions if you prefer a more tapered, layered look.


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