how to put bangs in extensions in your hair?

Before you start creating your clip in bangs it’s a good shout to trim down your three clip weft so that it’s way easier to cut once it’s clipped in. Just make sure you leave enough length to play with!To prep your hair you need to part it in a V shape about an inch back from your hairline. You want to get this as neat as possible by using a comb and then once it’s done you can clip the top section of hair out of the way.Next clip in your three clip weft in a V following the shape of your parting. If you need to you can backcomb your roots first or use some dry shampoo to give the clips more staying power. This step can be a little tricky so feel free to use some bobby pins to hold the weft in place but make sure they’re hidden!Next you can let the top section of your hair down and pull it back into a low pony so that only the faux fringe is loose. This will make sure you don’t have any accidents and cut your own hair!You can now start cutting the bangs! There are lots of ways to do this but we think the easiest is to cut a little bit at a time and keep checking in the mirror until it’s perfect. You can use a comb to help you get the edges straight and you want it to get longer as it reaches the sides of your head so that it blends into your natural hair length. This might take a while but it’ll be worth it!Once you have the shape you want take your scissors and cut up into the hair to feather it. This will give you a more natural finish and will make the hair easier to style later on.

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