Hair restoration after extension

Here are a few tricks that can help reduce, or even eliminate, this harm:Complete rejection of styling products and hair dryers. If shampoo for oily hair is applied to dry hair, it will dry it even more. If we add to this the effect of a hair dryer on a couple with varnish or mousse, then after removing the extended strands, we will get hair twice as thin as it was before the procedure. They will weakly adhere to the hair follicles and fall out whenever possible.After removing hair extensions, urgently take up masks with oils: burdock, castor, almond, peach.The radical step for recovering from build-ups is a short haircut. It will give your hair the ability to quickly regain volume and strength. Do not be afraid to take this step: taking risks and an easy change of image is already beautiful.Vitamin complexes. They will always be useful for your hair as an additional food. With regular use of hair vitamins, they will restore hair volume in a month.

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