Will there be discomfort, feeling of heaviness or headaches?

If hair extensions are made technologically illiterate, unpleasant sensations cannot be avoided. Much depends on the experience of the master in this sense. For example, it is important not to fix the strands close to the scalp, but to retreat quite a bit. If this is not done, the correction can be performed a little later, but the price will be sleepless nights, a feeling of a tight scalp, pain and irritation. Another mistake is carelessness in the separation of native strands for the subsequent extension of donor hair on them. With careless work, the hairs fall into adjacent strands, and then pull and break. The feeling of heaviness is quite natural if you have worn a light short hairstyle for many years and finally decided to get a luxurious cascade of long curls. However, getting used to a new hairstyle is easy, especially since every look in the mirror will contribute to this.

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