Why You Should Consider Cutting, Trimming and Layering Your Hair Extensions?

The most important element of blending hair extensions really well with short hair is - layers. You may feel like it’s a ‘waste’ to cut inches off your set, but believe us when we tell you every inch is worth it. If you add long extensions to your short hair without layering them, they might look unnatural and obvious in your hair. Trimming and layering your set to your haircut will make a world of a difference, and nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing hair extensions. 

Keep in mind that hair extensions don’t grow back, so if you don’t feel comfortable cutting your own set or don’t know how to layer hair, it’s best to trim your clip in extensions by a professional. We recommend taking your set to a hairstylist who has previous experience in working with extensions and having them do it for you. You can also number the wefts after the cut to remember where each one needs to be clipped in for future uses. 

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