What you should not do with hair extensions

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Perhaps, like you now, I was hanging out on the internet, watching photos and pictures of beautiful thick hair with voluminous curls falling over the shoulders. Oh, how I dreamed of having the same hair. My acquaintance with hair extension began when I was at university. I approached this process very responsibly. Now I can share my experience with you. And believe me; you can avoid some of the mistakes that I made.

Autumn was approaching, and we were preparing for the beginning of the academic year, all my preparation was not to buy notebooks, pen, and books, but new fashionable shoes, lipstick, in general, all beauty little things. My heart set on hair extension and I wanted to appear in the classroom with new long hair.

Below is my top: what you should not do when you have hair extensions. Let's start in order!

1. Never save on hair. Always choose good quality hair. If you want the same hair as in the picture, then go to your dream until the end. GVA offers two lines of a different price category Golden / Silver, so any way you can find the optimal variant for sure. Contact us and relax! Learn about GVA hair more here.I cannot miss the fact we are the best choice on the hair extension market, because we have a lot of advantages compared to competitors.

2. Do not choose a master “hit or miss.” Check that the master in the portfolio necessarily had a lot of work (more than ten or fifteen) and the time of photo adding was not yesterday - the day before yesterday, even though the description claims more than 15 years of hair extension experience. 

3. Do not apply the balm before the procedure and other means of care. Hair must be washed with shampoo and properly degreased; otherwise, it will be too oily and not let the donor's strands will be well applied.

4. Do not wash your hair the next day after the hair extension procedure. The first time to clean your extension hair can be no earlier than two days.

5. It is not recommended to wash your hair while lying in the bathroom, especially tilting your head down. I admit that due to lack of time, I once had to ignore this rule, but I didn’t do that anymore. After improper washing my hair got tangled, I felt so sorry for combing them, I was so afraid of losing at least one strand. Now I wash my hair gently under the shower, pre-combing it before washing. 

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6. Do not use shampoo for dry hair and with oil, parabens, sulfates, and keratin. The suitable shampoo is for normal hair with a neutral PH. You can use the balm, and the hair mask every wash avoiding roots and hair extension attachments.

7. Do not blow dry your hair. If possible, let them dry themselves. Do not try to wipe all the moisture with a towel; gently blot your hair and leave to dry. Well, if your life is like a continual circle of events, then dry with warm and cool air using a thermo-protective spray.

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8. Do not brush wet hair. That is no good for extension hair and for your relative hair too. You can comb your hair as soon as it is dry or if you have dried it with a hairdryer. You will be a super good girl if you buy a brush in advance. It should be with rare teeth and without balls at the ends. We recommend brush from Tangle Teezer. This will avoid combing out. And they need to be combed not from the roots, but from the tips, gradually moving upward. Whenever I remember how I combed my hair at the beginning I get goosebumps. Meanwhile, I studied how to do it right.

9. Do not go to bed if your hair is wet. Wait until they dry. If you can’t wait, dry them with a hairdryer or braid a pigtail for the night. The fact is that if you go to bed with wet hair, you will wake up with hair tangled in a huge knot. That’s why, I washed my hair, given that it will dry in the evening. By the way, while the head is drying, you can do a bunch of pleasant things.

10. Do not forget to make the correction on time. As your own hair regrowth, be sure to make a correction so that your hairstyle will always look beautiful and well-groomed. After all, this is why we make hair extension. When hair begins to grow, be it capsules or pigtails, which hold donor’s strands, slide down. During the correction, the master will gently lift them and fix them in the right place. Ladies, I let you know one little secret GVA hair can be used up to more than 6-7 corrections and it is almost more than a year. Is not it really comfortable? 

   There is no room for doubt that hair extension makes from you a girl of a dream. I can describe the advantages of hair extension for a long time and how prettier with a new hairstyle you will become. But the fact remains that with increasing hair, confidence will increase too. Now you can be on top, just wave up your new hair a little! Good luck!


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