Preventing harm from extensions

If you decide to extend your hair for a long time, take measures to protect your hair in advance.A couple of weeks before your hair extensions, start nourishing masks or using hair oils every two days. Burdock oil heated in a steam bath is perfect. It is applied to the hair roots almost hot, the head is wrapped in a bag or towel and left for an hour, after which it is washed off with shampoo. Castor oil is good too: it contains a lot of vitamins. It is mixed with pepper in equal proportions, a teaspoon of hair balm is added and applied to the roots without rubbing. Wash off after 20-30 minutes.The ideal layout is a combination of nourishing oil masks with vitamin complexes for hair. They are useful to everyone and always, as an additional healthy food. But on the eve of a difficult and stressful procedure for the hair follicles, it would be good to feed them well so that they stock up on strength for the future. Vitamin complexes developed by specialists can be found at the pharmacy on the advice of your doctor.On the eve of the procedure, rinse your hair with regular shampoo without conditioner and balm. The hair will be a little dry, but the extended strands will hold better and when combing you will not lose your own hair.Do not do the dyeing and building procedure at the same time. The combination will double the stress of the procedures.

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