Ombre or Balayage?

Ombre Hair Extension

   It began with that rainy, nasty day)) when 1867 London chemist E. H. Thiellay and Parisian hairdresser Leon Hugot demonstrated the use of hydrogen peroxide as the best way to brighten hair. And it all started! There is hardly to find any woman who did not dye her hair or did not want to. Moreover, there is such a miracle of hairdresser’s invention as highlighting. Hair with such type of coloring looks much more voluminous, the hairstyle seems lush, and the complexion from this is more fresh and expressive. Simply put, your image becomes more interesting, unique, and colorful. We can’t help but mention that you can change your look without dyeing all the hair, but coloring only selective strands or tips. 

   Do you remember those bleached stripes that were so fashionable in the early 2000s? It would seem that the highlighting has been exhausted. But instead, multicolor and more natural shades appear on the scene. How not to get confused with new fashion trends and explain to the hairdresser what you really would like? How to refresh your image, add mystery, drive fans crazy and make them lose yourself in these endless tints of color? 

   The Internet and advertising are full of Ombre and Balayage terms, does this mean something to you? No? Then let’s fix this little misunderstanding)).  


Ombre color on hair extensions


   Ombre as a staining technique, first appeared in California in 2013. As soon as fashionable technology was noticed by Hollywood stars, it moved to the masses, quickly taking the leading position there. The essence of this coloring is to create the so-called shadow (the transition from bright tips to dark roots). This transition can have both clear boundaries and be smooth. Ombre creates the effect of regrown hair roots or hair that has burned out in the sun. Is not it wonderful! Now, you do not have to worry about dark roots anymore.Ombre is perfect for women who decide to refresh their image a little, without cardinal changes. It looks great on long and bushy hair, like an amazing gradient transition effect.  

Ombre advantages

  •  allows you to refresh the image, without cardinal changes; 
  • creates a natural view; 
  •  universal and suitable for any age category; 
  •  this technique allows you to correct and visually hide the flaws in the shape and features of the face; 
  •  no need to constantly tint the roots; 
  •  if you want to experiment, you can choose absolutely any known shades (you can make a pink ombre or blue); 
  •  you can easily eliminate the annoying coloring by cutting off the ends of the hair. 

Ombre Types

Ombre types

Classic. It is characterized by natural color in the root zone and clarified tips. The difference between shades is 1-2 tones, and the transition border is soft. 

With a strip. The hair is divided into three horizontal zones, two of which are painted in one color, and the strip between them - in contra. 

Outgrown bronding. On the head of hair put several shades of paint, close to your natural color. The root zone remains untreated or slightly obscured. Due to this, a smooth transition of colors is achieved - a soft degrade.

Reverse. If the original hair color is dark, the hair on the roots is lightened, and the tips are left intact. If the natural shade is light, everything happens the other way round: the roots darken, and the ends remain light. 

Monochrome. Two contrasting shades are used - light and dark. Border color transition noticeable. 

Bright. Extravagant colors are used as accent shades - blue, green, purple, garnet, pink.Partial. Only some strands are painted. It allows you to emphasize layered haircut. 

Focused. Suitable for light blonde girls and blondes. A dye is applied to the hair, a few shades lighter than the original color. Glinting Ombre gives hair a light glow, so it is called a highlight. 

Flames. Used primarily for dark hair. Gamma paints - from copper-red to red. The selection of strands for dyeing is chaotic. 

   If you are in love with this dyeing technique we can offer you the hair extensions with Ombre color, light or dark you can choose any of them from plenty of shades. Is that really sounds great? Your native hair will stay the same, but with us, you will have so trendy look so as you just came after the highlighting in a salon. Finally, you can just boast of your light tips with friends. Try GVA Hair Sew-ins ultra thin seam and the most natural view. You can choose any length and volume to become extremely attractive with that trendy Ombre color.  


Balayage hair extensions

   The name “Balayage” in French translates as “broom.” Indeed, the work of the master with a brush when applied to the hair coloring composition resembles wide sweeps of a broom. The colorist puts dye with sweeping movements (hence the name of the technique). When applying the paint does not use foil - dyeing occurs in the air or under a special film. Unlike ombre, the border between natural and dyed hair is very soft and practically does not catch the eye. 

Balayage advantages:

  • Suitable for owners of hair of any length; 
  • Fits well with any image and style from extravagant to classic; Gives hair a visual volume and shine; 
  • Good for thin and unruly hair; 
  • Does not require frequent color correction, except when dyeing is done on a short hairstyle; Allows correcting facial imperfections, for example, to hide a heavy chin or too wide cheekbones, excessively rounded cheeks. 

   There are also disadvantages to this technique. In comparison with traditional staining or highlighting, Balayage takes more time, and it will not be so easy to perform the procedure yourself at home.

Balayage on fair hair

Balayage fair hair

   Organic shades look natural, not too different from the natural color of the hair: golden, wheat, light amber, light blond. In this case, the transition looks the most restrained. Fans of more unconventional solutions can be recommended: All shades of copper, caramel, light nut, coffee with milk, silver - ashy blond.   

Balayage on dark hair

Bakayage on dark hair

   Brunettes and brown-haired women prefer Balayage dyeing technology since dark hair has the best experimental results. Besides, you can create any images just by choosing the appropriate color. Bold women of fashion will prefer brightness and contrast. Elegant ladies will select the effect of light sun glare in her hair. 

   The romantic, delicate image allows you to create color with the use of golden, honey, caramel shades. Brunettes fit the colors of chocolate and coffee. On the hair of the color of the “raven wing” the shades of gray with a silvery sheen look especially nobly. 

   Fans of the bright style will prefer shades of autumn foliage or Burgundy wine, old bronze. Bright color can be shaded strands almost the entire length, or simply emphasize the tips. In any case, the hairstyle will look nontrivial. To add volume for lush and curly hairstyle try Tape-ins hair extensions. The extension procedure will take little time and the result will make you scream from the delight!  


Let’s do compare

                                                Ombre           Balayage 

 Applying method                       evenly           chaotically 

 Color transition zone                 sharp clear    smooth blurry 

 Natural Effect                            no                yes 

 Light strands                             only tips        all length 

 Correction                                no need        in 2-3 months 


   It seems now everything fell into place! How to achieve the same beautiful hair, you probably think? If you are the owner of the modest average hair, then increase the volume and length is very simple with hair extensions, using any technology that suits you. Tapes, Micro Link or Sew-ins, whatever you choose, the effect will be worth it. GVA Hair is 100 % Human hair that cannot be distinguished from your natural. Brilliant and smooth you can paint them in any Ombre or Balayage, and they will sparkle in the sun. GVA high- quality hairs will last a long time and will remain attractive for a long period. 

   Do you know how to have short and long hair at the same time? It is not magic! It is Clip-ins! Have you ever thought that in the afternoon you can wear Bob and in the evening turn into a luxurious lady with imposing mane of hair, To achieve this fairy reincarnation in some trifle minutes is possible with GVA Clip hair extensions.   


Clip in hair extension


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