how to take care of hair extension?

If you want your hair extensions to stay beautiful and healthy for as long as possible, we recommend following a few basic rules:
After the hair extensions procedure, you can only wash your hair after 24 hours. Not before!
Shampooing should be done with a pull-through shampoo - sliding the entire length of the hair.
Balm, conditioner, mask, etc. is best applied to the entire length of the hair, avoiding contact with ribbons or capsules.
Wipe the hair not by twisting it in a towel, but with blotting movements.
Comb the hair when it is dry. Use a special comb.
The hair dryer should not be too close with a belt technology. With capsule technology you can blow-dry it as usual.
Before going to bed, hair must be gathered into a ponytail with a soft elastic band, without pulling down the roots.
Coloring and perming at home is not recommended.

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