how to sleep with clip in extensions?

The best option for sleeping with your hair extensions is to braid your hair in a medium tight braid - so as not to cause pulling, but to lock your hair securely in place all night long.A braided braid will prevent your faux hair from moving around, causing tangles, which will keep your faux hair looking beautiful longer and keep your natural hair healthy and unbreakable.A braid reduces friction at the mid-lengths and ends of your hair when you move in your sleep - using a satin or silk pillowcase can also help this - your hair becomes smoother and easier to comb in the morning.When you take the braid off after waking up, you'll be surprised at how well your hair is preserved. If you sleep in a braid, your hair is easy to comb out, doesn't tangle, and often has a soft wave that is ready to wear almost immediately after you brush it out.Another thing to keep in mind is that extensions dry out incredibly quickly, so at least once a week, or maybe more often, depending on your extensions and the amount of product you use, you should use an intensive overnight treatment to keep your extensions healthy longer. By the way, you can also find hoopoe products for your hair extensions on our website!


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