how to make extensions look real in short hair

Your natural hair should be at least 3-4 inches long before you start attaching the clips for short hair extensions, because you need to attach the clips right below the hair growth line, so you should be able to cover them with your hair so they don't peek out.When you are looking for the best set of clips for short hair extensions, make sure that you choose the right color, as this is an important step in getting the perfect blend. If you can't find the exact same shade as your own hair, buy a lighter shade and then dye it to match your hair color.Another very important aspect when looking for the best extensions for short hair is its weight. Even if your natural hair is not very thick, the real human hair extension kit you want to buy should be at least a little heavier than your own hair. The thickest extensions will help disguise blunt ends and make the transition from short hair to longer hair as smooth and almost imperceptible as possible. By the way, on our website you can find the perfect hair extension kit for the perfect length, texture and shade!


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