How to maintain the beauty of hair extensions?

Wash your hair without tilting it. When the neck is tilted, the load on the hair follicles increases: the strands no longer support the shoulders and the crown of the head, the entire weight of wet hair “falls” on the follicles. They can not stand it and part with the hair that is fixed in them.Use shampoos, masks and conditioners only for oily and normal hair. The ingredients in dry hair products harm the hair extensions. Such cosmetics contain oils that make the hair more slippery and smoother. Capsules with extended strands (with capsule extension) will begin to peel off the native strands. If you have dry hair, apply the shampoo to the roots only. This way they will suffer less.Before washing, comb your hair thoroughly with a special comb with natural bristles. Comb downward, but start at the ends, gradually working up to the roots.After washing your hair, do not dry it, just pat it dry with a towel without rubbing. Tangling hair is dangerous for extended strands with any attachments.Before going to bed, do a hairstyle that will secure the extended strands at the capsules. Don't go to bed with wet hair. Hair also gets tangled at night, and this must be prevented.

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