The number of strands is determined by the initial density of your hair and with an average density, as a rule, it is 125-150 pieces.If your hair is very thick, then 150-175 strands are required.It is not recommended to build up an excessive number of strands so that there is no too much stress on your hair and the hairstyle looks natural.If you have a short haircut, then you will need an additional amount of hair from the standard 150 strands to make your hair look thick. Features of building each haircut are negotiated separately.If you want to add volume to your hair without increasing length, 75 strands are enough. For example, with a full-fledged build-up, 25 strands go to one temple.Different manufacturing firms have different strand thickness.The number of strands in each individual case is determined at a consultation based on the condition and density of your hair and the desired end result.Each girl's hair extensions will look different, as it depends on your original hairstyle, head shape and face shape.So that you can navigate: it takes 25 strands to build up the temporal region.100 strands for a full extension is not enough: hair will look sparse.

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