How to choose the length of extension?

When choosing the length of hair you want as a result of the hair extensions, you need to consider the following: what is the length of your own hair?
If you will be getting hair extensions for the first time, do not increase the length drastically, otherwise you may find it very difficult to take care of your hair extensions.
When your hair and your extensions are very different lengths, it can be difficult to hide the transition. This means that it can be noticeable that you have extensions if you take a standard number of strands.
This "transition" can be hidden by:
Extend a larger number of strands (more hair volume will be required)
Graduating (either grow hair of different lengths, or cut it short after the extension, making it gradual)
Profile the ends of their hair.
All such issues are resolved individually with the master, who will carry out hair extensions based on your haircut, density, etc.

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